BUTTERED CLAMS is a newsletter about home cooking and the daily magic it takes to cook: in the form of recipes, pantry ideas, kitchen playlist, and ramblings about fruit. BUTTERED CLAMS is an exploration of the quotidian: sometimes simple or hurried, sometimes leisurely or extravagant, always a lot of bit messy and full of ideas.

BUTTERED CLAMS is a monthly publication featuring my own recipes, pantry ideas and meal planning thoughts.

Author: Abby Olitzky. Currently I spend my days talking about fruit, making bread and preserving lemons. This also happens to be what I do for work. I reside in Ann Arbor Michigan with my partner (in life and business) and my sweet pup Bertie.

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BUTTERED CLAMS is an online food journal by Abby Olitzky of Spencer Restaurant in Ann Arbor, exploring how I eat at home, my own recipes, pantry suggestions, and menu planning.


this a recipe journal: welcome to buttered clams abby is the chef at Spencer, in Ann Arbor MI, but most importantly a home cook who is often eating late at night, making a mess and finding solace in jars of preserved lemons.